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What is Dementia?

Dementia is a general term that refers to a set of symptoms, including memory loss, difficulty socializing in appropriate ways, difficulty manipulating numbers and other intellectual deficits that are severe enough to affect routine activities of daily living.

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How do I know when my loved one needs professional assistance?

No two situations are alike, but several factors should be considered when evaluating the need for professional assistance.  Is the stress of caregiving affecting the health and well-being of other family members?  Are there safety issues in the individual’s current situation?  Is the individual with dementia showing signs of withdrawal, deterioration of abilities, weight loss, [...]

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Why do many people with memory impairment demonstrate behaviors that are difficult to manage?

Many challenges that are labeled behavioral problems are caused by caregivers or others who misunderstand how an individual with dementia may be experiencing a situation.  Other problems occur as a result of changes in the brain that affect how an individual experiences the world around them.  Boredom, fear, pain, hunger, the need to use the [...]

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