Assisted Living

For a Lifestyle As Unique As You!
Invigorate life inspired

Life is an extraordinarily invigorating
and wonderful place to be.

Our community provides seniors the opportunity to live every moment to its fullest potential. Wellness of the mind, body and spirit is infused into every aspect of life. The exploration our community offers encourages a celebration of each new day, as well as a sense of excitement for tomorrow’s discoveries.

Monthly rates start at $3295 with additional level of care fees ranging from $200 to $1650 based on needs.

Benefits of Sundial Assisted Living in Redding include:

Passion! Purpose! Play!

A growth and wellness plan is created in partnership with you to discuss which services will meet your needs.

Sundial and Coro Health Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionize Wellness

  • Tailoring of services to the individual needs of the elder
  • Maintenance of an elder’s lifestyle and connection to the Greater community (assistance with transportation, shopping, recreation, and volunteerism are just a few examples)
  • Programs designed to keep an elder active and engaged in life and their surroundings
  • Affordable alternative to the high-cost of in-home care and nursing homes
  • Extended ‘family’ to care and watch out for the elder’s safety and well-being
  • Regular communication with long-distance family members
  • Help prevent major disasters that sometimes happen when elders live alone
  • Monitoring of health and general well-being changes
  • Eversound wireless headphone system

Assisted living is designed for assistance only when you need it.
Level of care services are based on your care needs for things such as: