Life Enrichment

At Sundial Assisted Living, we believe that elderhood is the crescendo of a lifetime. We have created an environment that supports a person-centered, elder-directed environment, where we encourage each person to be their very best self. View our True North Programs for an introduction to some of the exciting life-affirming and enriching opportunities we offer.

Resident Growth and Wellness Plans

We advocate for a shift from institutional models of care to person-directed values and practices. Person-directed care is structured around the unique needs, preferences, and desires of the individual in question. The measurements for quality outcomes are based on well-being.

Well-being, as a frame of reference, requires us to focus on the strengths, possibilities, dreams, and goals of each individual. It is the ultimate outcome of a human life. The Eden Alternative® has identified seven primary domains of well-being:

  • Identity
  • Autonomy
  • Security
  • Connectedness
  • Meaning
  • Joy

We use these domains to guide us in the assessment and interview process of each individual. In the traditional health care model, care plans are used as a way to establish one’s identity in terms of what assistance they need and the deficits they live with, defining care needs in term of diagnosis or disease. When we use well-being as our frame of reference, the care plan becomes focused on strengths, preferences, goals, and growth. Then, we know how to partner with each resident to highlight and strengthen the sense of individuality to define assistance needed within the culture of caring.

Learn more about each of our wellness domains.

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The Eden Alternative®–creating an elder-directed person-centered culture of caring

We embrace an elder-directed, person-centered world for the elders and care teams living and working at Sundial Assisted Living. We have an Eden Alternative® Educator on our Compass Senior Living team, who is championing this culture in our community. We invite you to learn more about The Eden Alternative®.

In addition, you’ll enjoy these service amenities:

  • Enjoy expertly prepared meals in our dining room or gather for snacks in our activity room kitchen.
  • Socialize with friends and family in our living room and other common areas.
  • Entertain guests in our formal dining room.
  • Stroll our walking path and landscaped courtyards.
  • Stay active in social and recreational programs.
  • Relax in our full-service beauty salon and barbershop.
  • Turn housekeeping cares over to our weekly service.
  • Benefit from landscaping and maintenance– done for you.
  • Enjoy complimentary laundry service.
  • Take advantage of our scheduled local transportation service.
  • Gain added peace of mind from our 24-hour security and emergency call systems.

Our residents are also involved and support the Redding community through outreach.

Our residents, families, and team members partner with local not for profit agencies to support various causes. You are invited to participate with us. Together, we can make a difference!

People of Progress

POP! A nonprofit 501c3 serving Shasta County since 1973, their mission is to strengthen individuals, families and our community with particular emphasis on issues affecting low-income persons. People of Progress is unique to Shasta County and can make timely decisions to respond to emerging needs. All donations remain local.

The Elders of Sundial Assisted Living have been supportive of this agency for 8 years. They package beans and rice for the food bank. If you want to support this effort along with our elders, we provide a drop-point for those who want to bring beans or rice purchased while you are out shopping. Annually, our elders support the food bank which serves 14,000 people with food for 290,000 meals.

Haven Humane Society

Visit Haven Humane’s website.

For 61 years Haven Humane Society has served the greater Redding area with animal protection programs and support services designed to ensure that all animals receive the love, care and respect they deserve.

Every year over 2,000 dogs and cats are brought to Haven Humane Society. The residents at Sundial Assisted Living make dog biscuits for the dogs who live there. All are welcome to join us in this project.