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Why You Should Look for Therapy Programs When Searching for Assisted Living?

Moving to a senior assisted living community offers California's older adults impressive benefits. These include safety, social opportunities, freedom from home upkeep, and access to medical care. Residents also benefit from therapies that can improve their well-being and compensate for declining health. Therapy is especially crucial for those with dementia or chronic physical issues. With [...]

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Talking About Assisted Living for a Parent When Siblings or Spouses Disagree

Studies show that a growing number of elderly Americans are hoping to age in place rather than moving to assisted living communities. Of course, that's not always possible. When aging loved ones are struggling to take care of themselves and handle everyday tasks, allowing them to remain at home may not be the best option.  [...]

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Seniors Suffering from Clinical Depression Can Benefit from Assisted Living

More than two million senior citizens in the United States suffer from depression, according to a recent report from the National Institute of Mental Health. Medical experts remind us that this figure only reflects the number of cases that are detected. Many more most likely go unnoticed, leaving countless people suffering alone with no help [...]

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Making the Move to Assisted Living Can Be Hard

Seniors who can no longer take care of themselves and remain independent need a community that meets all their needs. The transition from independent living to moving into a community could become difficult for elderly people and make them feel like they are losing their freedom. Families can review tips for helping them ease their [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dementia

Around 55 million people in the world have dementia. This condition is a broad category that includes many types of dementia. Understanding this disease and its many types will help educate family members and their loved ones and ensure they seek medical care right away if they develop symptoms. Those who suffer from dementia may [...]

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